Homesick for Space


When I first moved to NYC awhile back, I’d heard of a band called, “Homesick for Space.”  I loved the name because there was never enough room for anything in New York, and I thought that everyone who lived there was probably homesick for space. Continue reading “Homesick for Space”



In my mind I see a sculpture of a giant ball of twine.  It’s huge and made of concrete, and it sits there sturdy and unmoving, like a menace, yet comforting.

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Do Some Good


Do you ever stop and think about how fortunate you are?  I mean, really stop and drink it in?  When someone you love is sick or getting divorced or has lost a job, it is easy to feel appreciation for what you have by comparison.  Or if it’s you going through one of those things, you know very keenly how much you want it to be over as soon as possible.

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