Hello, Cleveland!

I’m ecstatic to announce my first group show opening in Cleveland at the Greenhouse Tavern on Sunday, September 25th.  Along with five other brilliant local photographers, I’m part of “Welcome Back Cleveland, an Analogue Perspective of the New / Old City We Call Home.”  Expect an awesome opening party.  More details coming soon!

Toy Camera Analog Archives

My photography colleague, Scott Meivogel, at Aperture photo shop has a mantra: “Analog is a lifestyle.”  Scott sells the coolest array of old Polaroids, vintage cameras, and film stock, and he’s been inspiring me to experiment more with film — something I have always loved.

In fact, speaking with Scott recently inspired me to pull out some of my old favorite analog shots from years past: I’ve shot tons of analog photos of kids and weddings on assignment, travel shots of Paris, Rome, and New York, and more.

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Thank You, New York

It’s been 9.5 years since I relocated to New York City. I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with gifted people on films, film festivals, photo shoots, advertisements, and TV shows. I’ve collaborated with amazing artists, actors, actresses, and musicians. I’ve had the honor of photographing dozens and dozens of couples and families. It’s been quite a journey from exploring all that New York had to offer me in the entertainment industry, to launching my business as a wedding photographer, to transitioning to a thriving family, baby, and child photography specialty.

I have been literally bombarded with inspiration here, from my peers, from my competitors, from my mentors. I am bursting with new ideas, including new mediums, new ways of expression, new services to offer my clients, and new services that will serve the needs of new clients.

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