Week in Photos


Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.  Nutritionists often categorize them as superfoods!  I have blueberries in my smoothies a couple times a week, so I was pretty stoked to find Black River Organics, a Cleveland-area farm with pick-your-own, organic blueberries.

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Words + Pictures


Crack!  That’s the sound of something opening up.  Ideas meshing from different directions and freeing you from the tyranny of doing it the same old way.  If you’ve ever felt the frustration preceding a breakthrough, you know the delight of it being quelled when said breakthrough appears.

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Week in Photos


Did you have a good holiday?  I got to spend the 4th on a gorgeous terrace in the East Village of Manhattan.  As it turned out, a building blocked our view of the fireworks, but the food and company was amazing, so in my book, the celebration was a success. Continue reading “Week in Photos”

Betsy Talbot: Creativity is a Habit


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to sell everything you own and go off to see the world?  Betsy Talbot and her husband Warren did just that!  They are not just writing partners, they’re also honest-t0-goodness world travelers without a technical “home.”  They hop around house-sitting all over the world, and do their work from wherever they are.

(photo courtesy of Betsy Talbot)

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