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Photo feature and article about Sarah Sloboda’s custom 3D viewers in Daily Candy Kids.

Headshots & Publicity Shots


By definition, “headshots” are entirely about your face, and the most important thing about a social media profile picture is your expression. That said, it can be fun to experiment with showing a hint of the background, or even having an environmental portrait in the mix for any press opportunities that arise. Here are some samples as inspiration for a publicity session.

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State of NASA – NASA Ames, Mountain View


Astronaut Steve Smith gives all kinds of cool space facts.

After I broke free from the enchantment of Ann Arbor, Michigan, shortly after graduating with a BA in film from the University of Michigan, I soon found myself under the spell of New York City. The sense of “place,” has always had a big impact on me – not just in terms of a location and its architecture and infrastructure – but perhaps even more in terms of its people and what feels like common thoughts bouncing around in the air.

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