Neighborhood Family Photos

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

neighborhood family photos in bernal heights san francisco

Neighborhood Family Photos

A stroll around the neighborhood where you live is an ideal way to capture memories for your children. I grew up in the city of Cleveland, and I can still remember lots of little details of the street I lived on. Sometimes I long to be able to see it again, other than in my mind’s eye. But my parents’ didn’t document it much. I think that’s why I’m so dedicated to capturing it for other kids. Continue reading “Neighborhood Family Photos”

Ohio Clay Test Pottery

ceramic artist photographer cleveland


You might recall, I’m pretty into ceramics. I like the feeling of something tangible in our super digital world. This past spring, I paid a visit to Billy Ritter’s ceramic studio in Cleveland for a little experiment. I had connected with Billy on Instagram and told him about the clay I had seen in the soil in my parents’ yard in Ohio. Continue reading “Ohio Clay Test Pottery”