Zeena Shah: Just Quit


I discovered Zeena Shah’s work online, in her shop Heart Zeena, when I was looking for whimsical packing tape (oh, the delights and oddities of running a children’s photography business!), and quickly fell in love with her aesthetic.  She designs and prints gorgeous, charming things like wrapping paper and throw pillows (“cushions,” as they say in the UK).  After taking her printmaking workshop, I met up with Zeena for meringues in London, and she talked to me a little bit about how she launched her business.

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Kirsten Alana: Change Up Your Surroundings


Kirsten Alana is one of those rare talents whose wanderlust informed and enhanced her creative career as she took on the world of travel photography and writing. In other words, her personal life and her creative life are inextricably entwined.  Kirsten’s definitely one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram, and Paste Magazine added her to their list of 30 photographers to follow, as well.  Whether you’re looking for travel or creative inspiration, KA is your woman.  I’m honored to have had the chance to profile her.

(Above is an old iPhone — we’re talking 2 models ago — pic I took of Kirsten Alana the first time we met in person, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2010.)

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