Truth is Perfection; Truth Seldom Looks Perfect

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” -Claude Monet

I perhaps owe having become a photographer to the essence of time. Time is my obsession, my fixation.  Every moment is always on its way out, and the next one is always coming.  What is it like to freeze time?  Nostalgia perfects.  Looking back, our minds sweeten what we want to cherish, downplay what we want to forget.  So, an imperfect photo can be the most perfect reflection of a moment, in that it feels realistic.

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Marika Shioiri-Clark: Keep Producing Stuff


Marika Shioiri-Clark is an architect and an innovator based in the firehouse she and a local developer converted into office and retail space in Cleveland’s budding Hingetown neighborhood.  We sat down in front of the firehouse with a cup of Rising Star Coffee to talk about creativity and an architect’s process, and she revealed some secrets as to how she is bringing her life into balance.

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Week in Photos


Things. Are. Happening.  Can you feel it?  The Sarah Sloboda Photography virtual office is abuzz with bookings in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Cleveland for the next few months, and I’m working on so many gorgeous projects.  Continue reading “Week in Photos”

Delights: Kids’ Music Adults Can Dig, How to Focus, and Broadchurch


Inspiration has taken over my reality.  Lately, I feel so bombarded with great ideas and thoughts and things to experience that I have trouble concentrating!  I would blame twitter, except twitter and I are still in the butterflies-and-fireworks stage of our relationship.  Do you ever feel like you have so many things you want to try, do, and create that you end up not getting much of anything done?  Well, this post has some tools for that.  And, fair warning, a couple more fun distractions, too.

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