Sun Prints

your favorite family photos in blue


Sometimes it hits me how much my mind is occupied in virtual reality, and how much I stare at a screen. It makes me want to do something about it…

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Family Photos in Paris


In Paris this month, get a bite-sized photo session under the glow of the lights at Christmastime.  Paris is known for its romantic, gorgeous glow at night, and I have always been obsessed with that warm Parisian street lamp vibe. That’s what spawned the inspiration for the holiday sessions — to create images for families that feel utterly and undeniably ‘Paris,’ without feeling touristy or too obvious.  

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Last-Minute Holiday Bookings

los angeles


I admit it. I have been known to procrastinate from time to time.  As much as I love a good plan, sometimes things just seem to be up in the air until the last minute.  So, I have a soft spot for people trying to squeeze in bookings for portraits in December, and do my best to help them get their holiday cards out on time!

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Your Face is Super Important

LinkedIn is like, huge, now. Although I’ve had an account for years, I didn’t even realize, until recently, what a powerful tool it has grown into. People are frequently telling me they have been recruited via their profile, and that many prospective employers peruse LinkedIn for viable candidates. And, in a recent newsletter, Daily Worth reported that profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than profiles without one.

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