Typing with Thumbs


Typing a letter with thumbs to myself at 3 in the morning… Just some scattered thoughts, really. Wanted to see if things came out differently when just using thumbs.

Lately, I’ve been feeling quite clear-headed, and in a strange way that’s made me less apt to blog. Rather I’m immersing myself in the study of drama, of Shakespeare and how the works are played, of current works of cinema and how they’re consumed — big screen? Small screen? Medium-sized flat screen?

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Your Writer’s Voice — Opportunities Abound


It is hilarious to me when an aspiring writer sends me an email that starts with the word, “so,” as if we are in the middle of a conversation! On the one hand, it’s comical to believe that someone has been thinking of nothing other than whatever our last conversation entailed ever since we had it, but let’s face it: people have lives. They’ve had thousands, if not millions, of things occur to them in the interim, most probably.

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Write from Your Deepest Self


One of the pitfalls of the digital age is our oft-gratified thirst for instant results.  I coach writers in various arenas, and over the past several years, I’ve noticed an increased sense that people believe they need to find out “the right answer” and hurry up and apply it, as if true and authentic writing is something for which we can look up instructions in WikiHow.

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