iPhoneography for Moms, Dads, and Business Owners

iphoneography tips

As a photojournalist-style photographer, I am enamored with real moments in time.  I love photographing kids because they’re so spontaneous!  We adults can learn a lot from their free-spiritedness.  I see a lot of moms who want their kids’ hair to be brushed just so, for their clothes to be perfect, and for their smiles to be practiced.  However, none of those things speak to me of childhood.  So, I encourage the kids to giggle, to run, and to explore.  Yes, I have to chase them around a lot.  But when they stop and catch their breath, I am ready with my camera.  And, they’re usually beaming.

If you want to take better photos of your family (and set your child up to be more photogenic for life), think of yourself as a documentarian.  Document what you want, yes.  But don’t manipulate.  Don’t ask for poses.  And, don’t fuss!  Let the kids enjoy themselves, and what you hold dear about this time in your life will show through in the moments you capture.

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