On Location: Manhattan Family Photos

New York Kids Photography

New York Kids Photography

Believe it or not, there are a few streets in Manhattan where hardly any cars go, and we can take family photos right in the middle of the road. Having grown up in the city of Cleveland, cities have always reminded me of my childhood – flowers sprouting through cracks in the sidewalk, the gentle incessant hum, cities are full of wonder and possibilities – just like childhood itself.

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On Location: Sisters in London

Gunnersbury Park


What a delight to discover that this big sister was the perfect hand-holding height to help her baby sister who was learning to walk. We took advantage of it throughout the photo session, as the sun went down in London. We even got Mum and Dad to hop in for a few. Gunnersbury Park made a gorgeous background with its two mansions and path of ruins. Ideal for two sisters to explore!

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On Location: Family Portraits in San Francisco


Families can document their vacation with a photo session on location, like this one in San Francisco. It’s fun to capture the dynamic between siblings, especially when they’re in the midst of exploring new sites. A photo session can be a great excuse to plan a staycation in your hometown, too. Bring the kids to check out a part of town you haven’t seen in awhile, and get all the fun on film.

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