Do Some Good


Do you ever stop and think about how fortunate you are?  I mean, really stop and drink it in?  When someone you love is sick or getting divorced or has lost a job, it is easy to feel appreciation for what you have by comparison.  Or if it’s you going through one of those things, you know very keenly how much you want it to be over as soon as possible.

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Senior Pics in Los Angeles


If you grew up in the mid-west like I did, you’re likely familiar with the tradition of “senior pictures.”  When I moved to NYC, I learned that this trend isn’t popular everywhere, and since it seems to be longer-standing than say, the soft-focus, feather-boa-flaunting Glamour Shots phenomenon of the early 1990s, I thought I might explain for those who live in places where this isn’t common practice.

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Your Writer’s Voice — Opportunities Abound


It is hilarious to me when an aspiring writer sends me an email that starts with the word, “so,” as if we are in the middle of a conversation! On the one hand, it’s comical to believe that someone has been thinking of nothing other than whatever our last conversation entailed ever since we had it, but let’s face it: people have lives. They’ve had thousands, if not millions, of things occur to them in the interim, most probably.

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