On Location: The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater

San Francisco Kids Workshop - Noe Valley

San Francisco Kids Workshop

San Francisco’s Noe Valley children’s theater, The Rabbit Hole, invited me to capture “Time Travel Camp.” The kids rehearsed, prepared backdrops, got their faces painted, had a lunch break outside, and got ready for the show. Using the time machine they built, the groups of “scientists” counted down to blast off to other worlds, expressed in dance. Have a peek at all the fun!

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On Location: Sisters in NYC


Kids Photographer

Siblings in NY! With matching shoes! I’ve been photographing these two sisters since the younger one was 6 months old. Now instead of baby talk, we share a love of Star Wars. Fascinating how photography creates markers in time. It seems like I get to “fast-forward” between markers when I see clients once or twice a year – I experience compressed versions of kids’ lives and they seem to grow up in a matter of days.

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