Cleveland Wedding

I don’t often post weddings to this site (in fact, I have a whole separate wedding blog, if you’re interested: click here), but this one was very special to me because it was my dear cousin’s.  Actually, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid that day, as well as the privilege of photographing my gorgeous cousin and her handsome groom for their portrait session after the ceremony.

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Photography of Siblings

My brother and sister and I had such a great time growing up together.  I cherish our many, many inside jokes that, to this day, no one else fully understands.  Lately, I’ve had the chance to photograph lots of sets of siblings, and wanted to show off that special bond that siblings share.  Here are some of my favorite shots…

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Toy Camera Analog Archives

My photography colleague, Scott Meivogel, at Aperture photo shop has a mantra: “Analog is a lifestyle.”  Scott sells the coolest array of old Polaroids, vintage cameras, and film stock, and he’s been inspiring me to experiment more with film — something I have always loved.

In fact, speaking with Scott recently inspired me to pull out some of my old favorite analog shots from years past: I’ve shot tons of analog photos of kids and weddings on assignment, travel shots of Paris, Rome, and New York, and more.

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Inspiring iPhoneography

Modern technology is fascinating in its speed of evolution, out-dating itself faster than ever before. Even as I upgrade my professional photographic equipment, noticing how much faster and better-quality-producing cameras have become, I find myself enamored with how something as small as an iPhone can produce creative results.

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Medina County, Ohio – Family Farm Shoot

A dear friend of mine invited me to document her kids on location at their horse farm in Medina County, Ohio.  I love the hats she provided — just when I thought her kids couldn’t get any cuter!  It was fun to watch and record the kids explore and play.  It’s always intriguing to observe the interaction between siblings, to see how they share and how they feed off each other’s energy.  And, what an amazing setting for a shoot!  The kids kept me busy exploring the grounds, and it was awesome that they could play freely.

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Turtle Beach

Driving from NYC to the mid-west for several shoots this June, I saw a sign for a little place called, “Turtle Beach, ” near the Delaware water gap in Pennsylvania.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I just had to stop and see this place.  As I exited the highway, I had to enter a one lane road that was completely wooded on both sides.  It had rained a lot the night before, so everything was extremely fresh-looking and vibrant green.  The entire forest floor was covered in ferns, and a few deer came investigating down the hill as I drove by.

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