Best East Bay Photo Shoot Locations

Best East Bay Photo Shoot Locations

So Long, East Bay!

Best East Bay Photo Shoot Locations

I’m moving across the bay to San Francisco next month, and feeling a bit nostalgic for all the gorgeous locations I’ve photographed in Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda.

Before I go, I want to send a great, big THANK YOU to all of my East Bay clients, and share some of my favorite images shot here. (Can you recognize where these photos were taken?) Continue reading “Best East Bay Photo Shoot Locations”

Flower Power

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Amateur Floral Design

Do you ever try your hand at arranging flowers? Floral design is intriguing to me. I have often said, “If I weren’t a photographer, I’d probably be a florist!”

Continue reading “Flower Power”

Montclair, Oakland

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Montclair, Oakland

Nestled between the highway and Redwood Regional Park is this little village called Montclair, within the city of Oakland. The neighborhood’s gorgeous tree-filled hillsides are appealing to Bay Area residents who want an easy commute and an escape from the city. Continue reading “Montclair, Oakland”

What Do You Believe In?

An Architectural Field Trip in Oakland, California.

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Cathedral of Christ the Light


I’ve been wanting to visit this church in Oakland, California, for some time. I studied architecture my freshman year of college (before majoring in film), and draw a lot of inspiration from the use of space. I went in the afternoon with my camera and explored the building. It was interesting to me how sci-fi and futuristic it looked, since it represents a religion with a history as old as Catholicism’s. Continue reading “What Do You Believe In?”