Let Thy Blog Be Thy Medicine

Today, I realized what deep gratitude I have for the fact that I have this blog to share with all of you who are reading it.  Thank you for doing so!  Often, as artists, we make compromises between what our intuition might tell us about a project, and what a client tells us they want.  Of course, the client’s desires are at the forefront of our concerns — otherwise we couldn’t stay in business.

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What I Want for Cleveland

People often ask me, “Why Cleveland?”  It seems that there is a strong polarity in people’s thoughts about this city — either they remember that many decades ago its river caught on fire (though, from what I understand, this was not entirely uncommon for industrial cities at the time) and that it’s been in decline for awhile, or they are die-hard Cleveland fans and paint an oh-so-sweet picture of it as a small town with a great work ethic.  I’m not saying that either of those things is totally inaccurate, but I do think an apt picture of present-day Cleveland has yet to be painted.  Perhaps that’s because it’s still morphing into what it will be.

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The Art of Surprise – Transformer Station

When I was a little girl, I would watch Sesame Street, and then play pretend, saying I was from New York. Growing up in the city of Cleveland, I loved everything about cities — the cracks in the sidewalk, the neighborhood trees, the parking lot around the block where I could ride my bike. I fell in love with life in the city, back when I could represent my age on one hand. Cities were my first and deepest love. And, the first time I ever went to New York, I thought I’d never want to be anywhere else ever again.

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