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Feeling Good Looks Good

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It’s not uncommon to get nervous before a photo shoot. In fact, I’ve worked with stage actors who perform in front of hundreds of people and even they tell me that having a camera in their face can be nerve-wracking.

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Instagram is my Jam

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Instagram ever since it was invented. But recently, I’ve found a real stride with it — balancing my personal work and creative explorations with case studies of work I’ve done for clients. Read More

Heartfelt Greetings for 2017

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I got such a beautiful stack of holiday cards from clients and friends this year – did you? These all feature photos I shot for clients (I blurred out the names for privacy).

If you’re feeling a bit of guilt about not sending an annual card of your own, it’s not too late! A lot of my clients are opting to send New Year’s or Valentine’s cards, since there is so much else going on pre-holidays.

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